Yoga Poses for Chakras | Balance Your Seven Energy Centers

Yoga believes that there are seven energy centers in the human body. They are called Chakras. Energy is moved from Muladhara or root Chakra to Sahasrara or Crown Chakra. These Chakras control the shapes, behaviors, thoughts and emotional process of the body. Here are the seven Chakras; their places, poses and effects:

1st Chakra
Name: Muladhara Chakra
Place: Base of the spine in the pelvis
Pose: Virbhadrasana-A
Effect: When Muladhara is in balance you feel strong and confident

2nd Chakra
Name: Svadhisthana Chakra
Place: closely to Muladhara at pubic bone or coccyx
Pose: Baddha Konasana
Effect: When Svadhisthana is in balance you feel creative and positive

3rd Chakra
Name: Manipura Chakra
Place: Navel
Pose: Navasana
Effect: When Manipura is in balance you feel alive and have self-esteem

4th Chakra
Name: Anahata Chakra
Place: Heart
Pose: Ustrasana
Effect: When Anahata is in balance you feel power of love, compassion,forgiveness and acceptance

5th Chakra
Name: Vishudha Chakra
Place: Throat
Pose: Matsyasna
Effect: When Vishudha is open, you develop the ability to clearly communicate with yourself and others

6th Chakra
Name: Anja Chakra
Place: Third Eye
Pose: Balakasana
Effect: When Vishudha is open, we may able to access our great inner wisdom

7th Chakra
Name: Sahasrara Chakra
Place: Top of head
Pose: Sirsasana
Effect: When Sahasrara is open, you develop the ability to surrender to pure consciousness. You are able to know your true nature
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7 Poses for 7 Chakras in Kundalini Yoga:

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