Yoga Guru Dheeraj

Vashistha Yoga Ashram

Once a TV journalist with leading national news channels, he is now a Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Guru. His vision is to make each life a celebration through a spiritual organization ‘Vashistha Yoga Foundation (VYF)’. “Our life is for celebration not for suffering. We suffer because we are not alert”. His teaching based on to developing mindfulness in the practice and into daily life. “Celebration is the goal and awareness is the tool to attain it. Yoga is awareness, rest is just general exercise”.

The Beginning

Guruji was born on December 21st, 1978 in Northern India. During his child age he used to sit in Padmasana engaging his energy locks without any Yogic training by anyone .

In 2005, Guruji completed his Radio and TV journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC). He worked 4 years with various national news channels. One day Guruji realized that as a journalist he has very much concerned to know about others, but he was not attending his own self. That was the date that Guruji decided to start his spiritual journey visiting many holy places . These places helped him learned the ancient Yogic Art and develop his Sadhana.


Founding the Vashistha Yoga

4 July, 2011, Guruji founded ‘Vashistha Yoga Foundation” as Non-Profit Yoga Charitable Trust. Vashistha Yoga offers an engaging, uplifting approach to an alignment-based Vinyasa practice. Vinyasa is flow from one posture to another synchronized by the breath. Vashistha Yoga offers Several Yoga learning Courses, Workshops and Therapy Courses based on Asana, Pranayama , Meditation and others Yogic Healing tools. These programs helping many people to eliminate stress, improve well-being and uplift their spirituality.