No matter what style of yoga you are practicing. Matter is how you doing it; with mindfulness or not. Cultivating mindfulness or awareness in your practice is the philosophy of Yoga. Mindful practice can uplift more energy, less reactivity, deep calmness inside, strong focus and overall well-being.
Inspire • Mindfulness • Transform

The Teaching Philosophy of Vashistha Yoga

Vashistha Yoga aim to apply the ancient yogic art with a contemporary scientific approach. We offer an engaging, uplifting approach to an alignment-based Vinyasa practice.

Your answer will be a big ‘NO’; then why yoga practice should be same for everyone. Traditionally Yoga is not a “one-size-fits-all” practice. Same practice won’t have the same effect on every person, because every person is unique. Vashistha Yoga designs a practice that’s exact fit for the individual and group needs.

Alignment is the key, most important point during Asana practice. If you misalign you can block energy flow of body, you can block life. Vashistha Yoga offers an alignment based Yoga Practice. When you practice asana with alignment, it will maximize the benefits of the pose. Flow of vital force (Prana), blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid is improved.

Vinyasa is an ancient Yogic term; in which asana flow one into another with a nice, calm rhythmic breath. In this way we learn to develop Mindfulness (Living in Present) that’s why we called it “The Moving Meditation”. Many researches show that due to mindfulness we connect deeper with ourselves, which is a key element for the Happiness.

Many people think of yoga as asana, but there is a much larger foundation of yoga, which is the science of union with self. The teaching of Vashistha Yoga has its ancient roots. We are not only applying asana but also Pranayama, meditation, Bhavana (powerful visualization techniques), meditation, mantra and other techniques as healing tools of Yoga. Vashistha Yoga aims to apply the ancient yogic art with a contemporary scientific approach.

In our workshops or sometimes in daily practice sessions Yoga Guru Dheeraj ji inspires practitioners with insightful stories which are linked with ancient philosophy which helps practitioners connect with life.