Residential Yoga Teacher Training Course YTTC 2020 Ahmedabad

What is the content of Yoga training?
How to teach yoga the right way? How to design a yoga series? What is the principle of giving therapy and how to become a successful yoga teacher? What is the meaning of teacher training? Is it just a certificate Or deep understanding of yoga ? In addition to transforming you, it provides job satisfaction. Of course, the famous yoga personalities that you see today, don’t have any degree, but they have an understanding due to which not only yoga is moving ahead but they themselves have reached quite high. In the modern times, increasing stress, diseases, and a desire to remain slim and fit has helped yoga to get into many homes. As yoga becomes famous ,the number of yoga teachers is increasing daily. Unfortunately ,at the same time there is heavy decline in the quality of learning and teaching yoga. Sometimes due to haste in getting results or due to wrong or incomplete information yoga has caused more harm than benefits to people. Becoming a yoga teacher is not just an occupation, it is a responsibility. As such, if you want to become a yoga teacher, you will have to well understand the right practice and the teaching principles and the application of both.

Making things possible
Yoga is considered to be 99% practical and 1% theory. As such, it is not the objective of Vashistha Yoga to make people memorize ancient scriptures, or yoga sutras, or the knowledge of the Geeta in the form of shlokas (verses) under the name of yoga. We will have to understand what all problems a teacher faces on a daily basis in the class while teaching students. More importantly, how to apply what we know. Keeping in mind these challenges, we have prepared the Teacher Training syllabus which will transform you into an excellent teacher. You will not only be able to teach confidently but also you will be able to groom your career in yoga. You have within you the potential to become an excellent teacher and in Vashistha Yoga Teacher Training you can realise this potential, and under the guidance of yoga guru Dheeraj ji you will progress towards the divine objective. For complete information about the Teacher Training please see the information in the beginning of the article.

Asana and alignment
It’s not enough to just do asanas. Doing it with the right alignment, that is, in the right way, will not only give quick and and abundant results, but it will remove the blockages in the blocked glands and improve the flow of prana. In the Vashistha Yoga Teacher Training, the alignment of each asana will be examined.

Adjustment and modification in asanas
A variety of people come in the form of student to a teacher; ranging from new students to advanced students, from sick students to fat students, from those who are less flexible to the children and the elderly. As such, adjustments have to be made according to the needs of each student so that they can do the asanas. Modifications will make yoga practice easier and more beneficial, and will keep away the possibility of the practice causing any harm. In the teacher training you will learn how for each student the adjustments, improvements and modifications are different. This information will create trust in the students.

How to design a yoga series
A doctor does not give a child and an adult the same dose for the same illness. In the same way a yoga teacher needs to understand how the yoga practice should be designed according to a person’s needs. For this it is necessary that the yoga practice must be done in a proper sequence. In addition to making a series about asanas and pranayam ,care needs to be taken to make a series also about counter asanas. In the Vashistha Yoga Teacher Training, the art of creating a series of asanas, as well as the science behind it is explained.

Basic Yoga Therapy
Giving therapy or treatment through yoga is a deep subject. You begin to understand therapy after a long period of practice, a subtle understanding of yoga and years of teaching. In the teacher training, the basic information on therapy is also shared. Because of this, you can not only help yourself resolve many personal problems through yoga, but also you can benefit others through yoga treatment.

Teach with confidence
You are a good yoga practitioner, you also understand the subtleties of yoga very well, but in spite of this when it comes to teaching yoga, there is a problem. This lack of confidence in teaching can be seen often. A good yoga teacher is not only a good practitioner, but he also has the ability to share the knowledge of yoga in simple easy ways. Based on his personal experiences, yoga guru Dheeraj teaches you ways to transform your fear into strength. The personality of a teacher, the way of communication, the art of teaching, and subtle understanding of yoga can prepare you to be an impressive yoga teacher.

Get an edge in yoga practice
Everyone practices yoga, but how to take the practice to the height of cultivation. In the Teacher Training, in addition to learning the art of teaching, you will find the best changes happening in your personal practice. This cultivation will fill you with freshness in addition to strength and balance.
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Yoga Teacher Training Course, YTTC 2020 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
25th May to 8th June 2020

A glimpse of the April 2019 residential Teacher Training camp and motivational words from yoga guru Dheeraj

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