7 Days, 7 Yoga Sequences for Beginners | Yoga Basic

Are you new to Yoga ?

Do you want to learn correct method and proper sequence of yoga ? Start here with top beginner’s yoga sequences with right alignment of foundation yoga poses. Our advise to beginners is to start with less then make it more intensive later. less is more in yoga. So here, we recommend you 7 different-different yoga sequences for 7 different days. Build strength, develop confidence and active mindfulness to take your yoga practice more deeper
Before you begin
Don’t eat for at least two hours before you practice. If you need nourishment, drink some juice. warm yourself up with Surya Namaskar or a few different easy stretches each days and after the sequence rest in Savasana or Corpse Pose

Day 1: Top 5 Standing Yoga Pose Sequence
Focus Area :

Developing legs Strength
Energetically uplifting and opening of body

Day 2 : Top 5 Back Bending Yoga Pose Sequence
Focus Area :

Help to open the Chest
Strengthening the back muscles, Lungs and Heart
Stimulate the nervous system.

Day 3 : Top 5 Forward Bending Yoga Sequence
Focus Area :

Calming the mind
Promote lower-body flexibility

Day 4 : Top 5 Twisting Yoga Pose Sequence
Focus Area :

Twisting poses often a tonic for the spine and internal organs
Activate detox process of the body

Day 5 : Top 5 Hip Opener Yoga Pose Sequence
Focus Area :

Supple hips can ease back pain
Open hips give more mobility to body
Hip opener activate our creativity and positivity

Day 6 : Top 5 Core or Abs Yoga Pose Sequence
Focus Area :

Building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body
Improve your balance and stability

Day 7 : Top 6 Leg Balancing Pose Sequence
Focus Area :

Develop mindfulness, focus and sense of balance
Strengthening legs

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