10 Basic Asana : Yoga Poses for Beginners

Beginning a yoga practice is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to take care of yourself. It is well know that there are so many asana or poses in yoga; but all practitioners are not able to do all of them, neither is it needed for a complete cycle of yoga practice. Here, Yoga Guru Dheeraj has designed a 10 Basic Yoga Poses Sequence for beginners. Master a few basics, and you will have a good foundation of yogic practice for lifetime.
Yoga : Less is More
After regular practice of this 10 basic asana sequence you can increase your strength and flexibility. It will make you stress-free and will bring smile to your face.
10 Basic Asana | Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners
1. Adho Mukha Svanasana | Downward Facing Dog Pose
2. Trikonasana | Triangle Pose
3. Prasarita Padottanasana | Wide Leg Stretch Pose
4. Parsvottanasana | Side Stretch Pose
5. Vrksasana | Tree Pose
6. Virbhadrasana-2 | Warrior Pose-2
7. Baddhakonasana | Bound Angle Pose
8. Janu Sirasana | Head to Knee Pose
9. Setu Bandhasana | Bridge Pose
10. Ardha Matsyendrasana | Half Lord of Fish Pose
Watch 10 Minute Complete Yoga for Beginners:

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